Why do I itch?

Why do I have a rash?

Why am I always tired?

Why don't I want to eat?

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Nutritional Blueprint Testing Kit

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I'm so happy now that I know what my dog is sensitive to. I thought for sure that it would have been the chicken, but it wasn't. No more itching and whining every night!

Tristan and PJ

Adding raw goat's milk to Bella's food has made such a difference. I can't wait to try the other foods on the list. Thank you!

Bella and Susan

I was feeding my dog a diet too high in zinc. I would not have known this if it wasn't for this test. I'm changing foods now.

Niko and Cara

Accurate Lab Results

Test results come from CLIA-certified labs and are reviewed by veterinarians

Insights From Veterinarians

Our results break down exactly what your test results mean and how it could affect your pet's health


Collect your sample from home and on your own time

Why ParsleyPet?

ParsleyPet is on a mission to help your dog live a longer healthier life, so you do not have to say good-bye too soon.

ParsleyPet provides a Nutritional Blueprint a hair tissue, mineral analysis (HTMA) diagnostic test, analyzing 48 key nutrients and toxic heavy metals.

ParsleyPet also provides education to pet parents that builds awareness and utilizes objective data of environmental toxins and other diet-based pet health concerns

Upon purchasing ParsleyPet sends instructions via email for the pet owner to obtain a hair sample, comprehensive in-take form which includes the next steps for submitting the sample to our lab.

Pet owners collect either at home or with the help of their veterinarian a simple and painless hair sample.

Once your dog's sample is received, you will receive your clear results from a ParsleyPet veterinarian within 25 days.


Knowing is Better

Frequently Asked Questions

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