Success Story: Chico

Dog Name: Chico
Age: 13
Breed: Chihuahua


Chico is a rescue and had pancreatitis when his owner adopted him. He also has dry eye in the left eye. His owner was feeding him a raw diet but wasn't sure if he was getting all of his nutrients. 

Nutritional Blueprint Testing Results

Deficient Minerals:
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
Heavy Metals:
  • Arsenic
  • Mercury
  • Aluminum
Note: No heavy metals were at toxic levels

    Thyroid Results

    • Ok

    Adrenal Results

    • Ok
    Our veterinarian made some suggestions. She took into consideration Chico's current diet, lab results, current medications, and medical history from his intake form. 

    Veterinarian Actionable Insights

    • Suggested to change diet to include bone. Chico's calcium levels were very low. After reviewing the raw diet purchased from a local pet store, it was discovered that the raw diet didn't include bone or sufficient calcium. Chico's owner immediately switched him to a raw diet that had sufficient bone content (should be 10-15%) and added a raw egg to his diet to help increase his iron levels. 

    Note: Several other insights were included in the report but for the purposes of this article we are only including some insights.


    Chico now has a balanced diet with plenty of calcium, iron, and magnesium! This will help with his energy levels and overall health for long-term health in his senior years.

    "ParsleyPet really goes above and beyond. The owner actually contacted me after they sent me the report to make recommendations to Chico's diet to raise both his iron and calcium levels. They have been an instrumental part of keeping my pets healthy and I cannot thank them enough."  - Chico's mom


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