Heavy Metal Testing Kit

Heavy Metal Testing Kit

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Heavy Metals are in our food, environment, medicine, and soil. 

Substances Tested

Lead (Pb)Lead poisoning (toxicity), a condition in which increases levels of the metal lead is found in blood, can afflict both humans and dogs through both sudden (acute) and long-term (chronic) exposure to the metal. Through the ability to substitute itself for calcium and zinc (both important minerals for normal cell functions), lead damages the cell and affects normal biological processes.

Mercury (Hg) - The safe levels of mercury in a dog's body is safe. Even a small amount an cause cellular damage and harm to the DNA. 

Cadmium (Cd) - Cadmium is a heavy metal that is incredibly toxic to the humans and dogs and ever-present in our environment. Lab testing has shown this element in certain dog foods even today.

Arsenic (As) - Arsenic is an incredibly toxic element that is found in almost every corner of our environment. Arsenic is a very potent mitochondrial poison that saps your dog's energy. 

Type of Test

Urine Sample

Results will include:

  • Heavy metal levels
  • Suggested supplements that help to naturally detoxify your pet

Disclaimer: This information is designed for nutritional and educational purposes and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is not intended to replace veterinary advice or attention by a veterinarian. You may wish to consult a holistic veterinarian to discuss changes to nutrition, healthy, exercise, and supplementation. The statements on this report have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or the Board of Veterinary Medicine. If you are looking for a holistic veterinarian, then visit: www.ahva.org to find one in your area.

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