It was 2017, Jaime and Matt were both experiencing significant health issues. Jaime had hyperthyroidism and Matt had been recently diagnosed with MS.

Through the journey of reversing and controlling both of their conditions they stumbled upon hair, tissue, mineral, analysis testing (HTMA). What they discovered with this test was eyeopening. If they were high and low in key minerals that promote health and well being, what about the rest of the family?

After conducting a test on Cha-cha our 12 year old Chihuahua, we found that he had low iron with very high copper and zinc. Cha-cha was anemic and we didn’t know it! This explained so much and now we could help him too.

In 2018 Cha-cha inspired us to start helping as many pets as we could and ParsleyPet was born!

ParsleyPet is a digital pet health platform that provides a Nutritional Blueprint testing 48 key nutrients.  ParsleyPet sends instructions for collecting and sending us a hair sample to your inbox. You send your sample to a ParsleyPet lab, and you receive your clear results with a veterinarian review.

We assist in the prevention or early detection of disease by providing laboratory testing services directly to pet parents. They can then start a more informed discussion with their veterinarian.

Together, we can help pets get healthy with our direct access laboratory testing and board-certified veterinarian results.
It starts with you.