Nutritional Blueprint Testing Kit
Nutritional Blueprint Testing Kit
Nutritional Blueprint Testing Kit
Nutritional Blueprint Testing Kit

Nutritional Blueprint Testing Kit

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This is a simple and non-invasive way to discover if your pet is deficient in essential nutrients or has an overabundance of heavy metals in her body.

A hair mineral analysis test reveals your dog's minerals deficiencies and heavy metal toxicity. You will receive a full analysis from a veterinarian explaining the test results and action steps. 



  • 48 ITEMS TESTED: ParsleyPet provides the most comprehensive Nutritional Blueprint testing system on the market for pets. We test for over 48 of the most common nutritional elements, heavy metals, ionic minerals, and trace minerals. These include calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, mercury, and aluminum. When vital nutrients are missing from a pet’s body, optimal health cannot be gained. See Dog Nutrient Guide.


  • PAIN-FREE SAMPLING: No need for the anxious ride to the vet! Our hair analysis test makes the experience simple and painless. Our test utilizes the DNA found in your pet’s hair using the latest ICP-Mass Spectrometry, the most modern analytical technique to be applied to routine elemental analysis, giving you results without concern. You can now complete the process in the comfort of your own home, making it convenient to test your pet(s).


  • GET RESULTS FAST: Once your hair sample is received in our processing center, you will receive a detailed report of what nutritional deficiency your pet is susceptible to within 21-28 business days. Don't spend any more time missing the nutrition your pet needs – be the best pet parent!


  • COMPREHENSIVE REPORTING: Our Pet Nutritional Blueprint Test is the most comprehensive and cost-efficient hair analysis test kit for determining what nutrients your pet’s body is lacking. Lack of proper nutrition can cause a number of health issues. Know what nutrients your pet needs so you can begin to incorporate them into your diet and start feeling better today!

Even if you’re feeding your dog a fresh food diet, there is a possibility that her body is lacking in important nutrients.

There are other factors that can affect the absorption of nutrients such as:

  • inflammation
  • certain health conditions
  • stress
  • vaccinations
  • medications
  • diet
  • soil quality
  • food processing

Most symptoms of nutritional deficiencies can be minor and may be mistaken for other illnesses. Most people think their pet may be eating healthy since they may not notice any symptoms of a deficiency unless they are experiencing a severe deficiency over a long period of time. Symptoms can vary.

The most common symptoms of nutrient deficiencies are:

  • bad breath
  • body odor
  • dandruff
  • excessive shedding
  • flatulence
  • hair loss
  • dull coat
  • inconsistent or unusually bowel movements
  • increased allergies
  • weight loss
  • itching
  • rashes and skin issues
  • obesity

This hair analysis test helps take the guesswork out of knowing whether your pet has any deficiencies. Once you review your results, we will list foods and supplements to help your pet get the needed nutrients her body needs to regain her health back.

Substances Tested

Nutritional Minerals

Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Copper, Zinc, Phosphorus, Iron, Manganese, Chromium, Selenium, Boron, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Sulfur

Additional Minerals

Germanium, Barium, Lithium, Nickel, Platinum, Vanadium, Strontium, Tin, Tungsten, Zirconium

Heavy Metals

Uranium, Arsenic, Beryllium, Mercury, Cadmium, Lead, Aluminum

Type of Test

Hair Sample

All reports include a veterinarian review from an accredited DVM 




    30 Minute Phone Consultation ADD-ON:

    Phone nutrition consultations are an ideal way to get the specific information you need about your pet's health. Dr. Laurie Coger is able to take the time to provide in-depth answers from your Nutritional Blueprint Test and your pet's health history, from a holistic as well as conventional perspective. All consultations include a complete review of your pet's medical history. 

    Dr. Laurie Coger DVM, a graduate of Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine with advanced training in nutrition.

    Diet Formulation ADD-ON:

    Want to make your dog's meals using fresh food? Whether raw or cooked, Dr. Laurie Coger DVM can formulate a recipe to AAFCO or NRC guidelines, so you are assured you are supplying all the nutrients your dog needs!

    Need to avoid certain ingredients?

    No problem, we can use a variety of ingredients to avoid sensitivities or food allergies.

    You will receive:

    • 1 recipe (raw or cooked) specific to your dog's nutritional needs


    Disclaimer: This information is designed for nutritional and educational purposes and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is not intended to replace veterinary advice or attention by a veterinarian. The statements on this report have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or the Board of Veterinary Medicine.