Natura Petz Organics - Anxiety Starter Pack for Dogs - Anxiety Starter Packs for Cats

Natura Petz Organics - Anxiety Starter Pack for Dogs - Anxiety Starter Packs for Cats

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Natura Petz Organics - Anxiety Starter Pack for Dogs - Anxiety Starter Packs for Cats Stress, Relaxation and Multi-Systems Calming Support for Pets, 30 Capsules

  • Veterinarian formulated, organic, all-natural pet calming supplement
  • Stress, Relaxation and Whole Body Calming Support for Anxious Dogs and Cats To help reduce all types of stress and anxiety related to separation anxiety, introduction into a new home, while traveling, related to visiting guests, vet and grooming visits and thunder and lightning storms
  • To help reduce fear and anxiety while boarding or attending a new daycare or training class; to reduce stress while moving, for visiting guests or a new addition to the home, including a new pet
  • Helps encourage "rest and digest" feelings and reduce "fight or flight" response.
  • Suggested for all life stages of dogs & cats; for stress, anxiety, fear, aggression, destructive behavior, storms, travel, boarding, epilepsy and more


Nutritionally soothes anxious and stressed dogs and cats by helping relax the Central Nervous, autonomic, sympathetic, somatic & parasympathetic nervous systems.

Helps relax all types of stress triggers related to the adrenal, cardiovascular, digestive, excretory, muscular & respiratory systems, for whole body balance.

Mildly nervine & sedative; it does not drug your pet but helps relax muscles, lowers blood pressure & promotes feelings of security and helps reduce separation anxiety.

Useful for short-term and episodic stress and anxiety related to travel, storms, vet and grooming visits, adoption, pain and much more. Also safe for long-term usage.

Containing natural adaptogens and naturally tonic, in nature, helps to strengthen all body systems & works to nutritionally help restore emotional and immune balance.


For All Life Stages of dogs and cats; may help for separation anxiety and anxiety-driven behaviors; as a general nutritional support for stressed, immune-compromised, kenneled and sheltered animals and for animals that have suffered, abuse, neglect and/or may require a nutritional support to soothe, relax and comfort all body systems; for traumatic events such as adoption, for electrical & thunderstorms, re-homing, loss of a pet, loss of a family member, boarding, vet and grooming visits, travel and other stressful events; for its nutritional value toward whole body system support.

30 capsules